If my artworks are my children

What is stimulating my creation these days is the psychology of the relationship between the artist and her work. The artist, amidst the creation of her project, gives of herself, of her intellect, of her being. The artist devotes herself completely to her work, as a parent does to her child.

The words “intimacy, identity, memory” regularly accompany our thinking: are they the reasons for our parental attachment? At what point do our pieces of art become the objects of affection?

With this project, I am preparing to invent a geographical and emotional journey for my pieces created fifteen years ago, and to show the way in which they can acquire a leading role in personal and daily space, both private and public.

My sculptures will enter a process of anthropomorphization; specifically, I will consider them as children. By giving them an imaginary daily life, I will push to its limits the relational psychology between the artist and her work.

I would like to thank the City of Ottawa for their support.


Away From Home | 2016

My Children My Life | 2016

My Children Looking at My Work, Waller Street | 2016